Programs and Workshops

Programs and Workshops
Pamela is available to present the following programs and workshops. Other topics are available upon request.  Please contact her for more information.

Dreams and Dreaming
We are all dreamers. C. G. Jung believed that dreams were messages from the deeper Self, that if understood, would provide a creative and healing function to the psyche. This presentation is for individuals who seek a greater understanding of dreams. As a group, we will explore the imagery and symbolic meaning of the dreams presented, and discover how a dream series can help the process of self-realization to unfold.

The Mindful Jung
Jung developed an elaborate view of the manifestations of the Self as they occur in archetypes and complexes.  But less was said about the unmanifest, the Absolute, the pure and formless ground of being from which creation and manifestations arise.   We will explore Jung’s mindful approach to the psyche, and how it may also lead to a transformative coniunctio experience with that window into eternity, known by Buddhists as sunyata, or emptiness.   Experiencing and acceptance of formless and empty states is crucial for the healing of deep wounds and for surviving life’s many existential crises.

Passageways of Feminine Development
In Neumann’s book The Fear of the Feminine and other essays on feminine psychology, he has a wonderful article titled “Stages of Woman’s Development.”  Neumann describes five archetypal and experiential passageways needed to develop the Feminine Self – whether in anima or in embodied feminine form.  Through myth, metaphor, and dreams, we will explore, deepen, and expand upon his provocative path.

Themis:  Feminine Archetype of Healing for Individuals, Communities, and Culture
The archetypal pattern imaged as the Greek goddess Themis has remained with us as the blindfolded figure of Our Lady Justice, the symbol of law and order.  But for the ancients, Themis was honored as the original Delphic Oracle and the goddess of ‘right order’ who brought a natural ancient wisdom to the ordering of the world of gods and humans.  This presentation will explore this forgotten archetype and see how it is reappearing as a source of healing in clinical settings, and also in contemporary movements for reconciliation and restorative justice, transforming individuals and even whole societies.

The Archetypal Underpinnings of Myths and Fairytales
Jung showed us that there are universal patterns underlying individual behavior and organizational dynamics, and that their processes are reflected in the outer natural world. We will learn to identify and articulate the nature of particular archetypal patterns, and determine the specific dynamics and needs related to them. We will explore the importance of developing a symbolic attitude toward life, and the capacity to translate the meaning of images into a psychological and archetypal language that can be used in working with individuals, corporations, and educational systems.  This presentation will explore the archetypal underpinnings of myths and fairy tales from the perspective of C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz.

The Clinical Use of Symbolic Material
In this clinically oriented presentation, we will discuss how symbolic material can be used within the clinical setting. We will explore fairy tales and myths to understand what they reveal about archetypes and complexes, and how they may be viewed clinically.  Clinical material will be presented to discuss possible diagnoses; complexes and archetypal patterns observed in the personal history; and ways that one might work with the symbolic material that arises during the analysis.