Jungian Analyst, Mindfulness Teacher, and Professional Depth Coach 

Pamela Donleavy offers Jungian Analysis on a once or twice a week basis, or on a schedule that is mutually agreed upon.

The work initially involves identifying and freeing the self from unconscious patterns that interfere with effective relationships, appreciation of life, and creative development. The goal of analysis is to allow the unique individuality of each client to unfold so that life becomes more creative, vital and meaningful.

Pamela is also a Professional Depth Coach, Dream Work, and Mindfulness Teacher.  Mindfulness helps to develop the clarity of mind and equanimity of being that enhances the unfolding of the Jungian and coaching processes.

As a Depth Coach, Pamela specializes in Life’s Purpose, Transitions, and Dream Work.  She helps clients discover their deepest values and connect to the well-spring of their life’s passions.  Through imagination, inquiry, creativity, shadow and dream work, Pamela works with clients to find their own unique individual path to living the life of their dreams.

Jungian Analysis, Depth Coaching, or Mindfulness Training may be done in-person, by phone, or by video conferencing.  Presently, due to Covid, only video conferencing or phone is available.