What Can We Learn From Dreams

Hope you enjoy my short article on Dreams that appeared on the One Idea Away website.

What are dreams?

Dreaming can be seen as a psychic self-regulating function that produces images and experiences of what has been unconscious >> Read More

What is the “gold”?


The repair may be more beautiful than the original.

What is the “gold” or “silver” for you?

Lives of Quiet Desperation


Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with a song still in them.

C.G. Jung Institute of New England Website


See the C.G. Jung Institute of New England at Jungian Website.  All the new public programs are listed there under All Public Programs.  Public Program attendees may now register online and pay by credit card.

We hope to see you there!

The Mindful Jung

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As part of the Jung Institute – Boston’s Summer Intensive

Pamela presented  THE MINDFUL JUNG

“We must get at the Eastern values from within and not from without, seeking them in ourselves, in the unconscious.  We shall then discover how great is our fear of the unconscious and how formidable are our resistances.  Because of these resistances we doubt…the self-liberating power of the introverted mind.”       Jung, CW11:773

Jung developed an elaborate view of the manifestations of the Self as they occur in archetypes and complexes.  But less was said about the unmanifest, the Absolute, the pure and formless ground of being from which creation and manifestations arise.   >> Read More

Stages of Feminine Development


Pamela Donleavy presented
The Stages of Feminine Development

In Erich Neumann’s book The Fear of the Feminine and other essays on feminine psychology, he has a wonderful article titled “Stages of Woman’s Development.”  Neumann describes >> Read More

Passageways of the Feminine Self


Pamela presented a day long workshop on
Passageways of the Feminine Self
at the Assisi Institute program:
The Journey That is a Life
Understanding the Archetypal Patterns that Shape our Lives

Ender’s Island, Mystic, CT